Rare Photo of the Mushroom Cloud Over Hiroshima Discovered in a Former Japanese Elementary School
“In the center of Hiroshima, in a part of the city totally destroyed by the explosion and ensuing fires, a long-lost photograph taken shortly after the blast has been discovered among a collection of articles about the bombing.”

The changing face of computers on screen
“Eventually though, something significant started to happen with the representation of computers on-screen. This change profoundly demonstrated the evolving attitude of people towards these previously enigmatic devices.”

Big Hair, No Sitting, Velcroed To Your Pillow: What It’s Like To Live Weightlessly
“Dan Barry, another astronaut, once told me he likes to sleep in a fetal curl, knees to chest. But in space you can’t do that, because you’re being pulled equally in all directions, so your body just naturally wants to open up. As soon as you doze off, you unfurl into the letter ‘C.’ On the first few nights in space, he Velcro-taped himself to his knees.”

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Japan
“Because while there are plenty of great reasons to live in Japan, such as the low crime rate and the amazing public transportation system, there are a few things you should know before you decide to pack up your manga and hop on a jet across the Pacific, wearing rabbit ears and flashing peace signs at everyone who makes eye contact with you.”

Pain of the New
“I predict that on each step towards increased realism new media take, there will be those who find the step physically painful. It will hurt their eyes, ears, nose, touch,and peace of mind. It will seem unnecessarily raw, ruining the art behind the work. This disturbance is not entirely in our heads, because we train our bodies to react to media, and when it changes, it FEELS different. There may be moments of uncomfort.”