George R. Price
“Price developed a new interpretation of Fisher’s fundamental theorem of natural selection, the Price equation, which has now been accepted as the best interpretation of a formerly enigmatic result. … Price’s ‘mathematical’ theory of altruism reasons that organisms are more likely to show altruism toward each other as they become more genetically similar to each other. … Unable to accept the selfish reasoning for kindness found in his own mathematical theory of altruism Price began showing an ever increasing amount of random kindness to complete strangers. ¬ Price committed suicide on January 6, 1975, using a pair of nail scissors to cut his own carotid artery.”

A Quick Look into the Science of Time
A great explanation of time, gravity, & relativity.

“Bear with me, please, for one last story, one my grandfather told me many years ago: A group of eight out-of-town bricklayers took refuge from a storm in a rundown temple. Thunder rumbled outside, sending fireballs their way. They even heard what sounded like dragon shrieks.” [Part of the amazing Nobel Prize for Literature acceptance speech by Mo Yan]

A Social Offender for Our Times
“Assholes act out of a deep-rooted sense of entitlement, a habitual and persistent belief that they deserve special treatment. How to distinguish an asshole from a scumbag, a jerk, a prick, or a schmuck? Assholes are systematic. We all do assholeish things, but only an asshole feels fully justified in always acting like an asshole.”

The Basement
“Somewhere in Portland, there’s a very old building, and that very old building has a very, very old basement. An incredible basement, a video-game-level basement, a set-decorator’s dream basement.” [Best article I’ve ever read about a time-traveling basement]