For quite some time I’ve been relying on The Wirecutter when I need to purchase almost anything tech-related. If friends or students ask me which TV to buy—or practically anything, really—I tell them to look it up on The Wirecutter & get whatever it recommends. For those of you who don’t know, what distinguishes The Wirecutter is that it only recommends the best thing to get in a particular category. Instead of having to wade through so-called “reviews” that compare & contrast 5 or 10 or 20 items in a mish-mash that never strongly favors one thing over another, The Wirecutter cuts to the chase, which is great.

Well, now The Wirecutter has a sister site: The Sweethome, which focuses on the best household items. I’ve been reading the stuff on there, & it’s just as great & useful. If you’re looking for an appliance, tool for the garage, or kitchen implement, The Sweethome should be your first stop.