Taking the Table to the Farm: Portraits of Radical Off-the-Grid Living
“Beginning in 2006, photographer Lucas Foglia spent four years photographing people who chose to reject modern urban living, opting instead for an “off the grid” lifestyle in rural communities around the southeastern United States. Foglia turned the series, A Natural Order, into a book, published earlier this year by Nazraeli Press.”

Are Babies Born Good?
“But tiny children are also some of psychology’s most powerful muses. Because they have barely been exposed to the world, with its convoluted cultures and social norms, they represent the raw materials of humanity: who we are when we’re born, rather than who we become.”

Big Hair, No Sitting, Velcroed To Your Pillow: What It’s Like To Live Weightlessly
“Dan Barry, another astronaut, once told me he likes to sleep in a fetal curl, knees to chest. But in space you can’t do that, because you’re being pulled equally in all directions, so your body just naturally wants to open up. As soon as you doze off, you unfurl into the letter “C.” On the first few nights in space, he Velcro-taped himself to his knees.”

The Last Refuge of a Science-Denying Scoundrel
“But it’s a logical fallacy to state:

Because some thing (or combination of things) that was unlikely to occur wound up happening, our picture of how the Universe got to be this way is probably incorrect.

Because unlikely things happen all the time: that’s part of what comes along with living in a chaotic Universe where many seemingly random outcomes occur. And people — many of whom are often reasonable scientists otherwise — use these unlikely outcomes from random events to try and sow doubt about the quality of the underlying scientific theories.”

The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble
“A world-renowned physicist meets a gorgeous model online. They plan their perfect life together. But first, she asks, would he be so kind as to deliver a special package to her?”