Mini-reviews are quick reviews, sometimes just a few words, of apps for Mac OS X & iOS.

Grokr describes itself as “a predictive search and discovery service built for your mobile world”. Others say it’s like Google Now for the iPhone. That sounds cool. And it’s free. Let’s give it a whirl.

I installed it. After linking it to Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn, it wanted me to tell it my home & work addresses, so that it would let me know about traffic to & from work. I had two ways to enter each address: press a button that said to use my current location, or press a textbox & then enter in an address.

I wasn’t at home, so I pressed the textbox (yes, I know—press on a textbox? Genius.). I was told to enter my address in a field & press Enter. No hint as to what sort of address formatting was required, so I entered 123 Main Street 63119 & pressed Enter. Nothing happened. I tried 123 Main Street St. Louis, MO 63119 & pressed Enter. Nothing happened. I noticed that when I pressed the Use My Location button, the address looked like 123 Main Street, St. Louis, Missouri, 63119, so I tried entering that & pressing Enter. Nothing happened.

So I deleted the app.

When your app can’t adequately do the second thing you ask me to do, & doesn’t bother to communicate with me to tell me what’s happening, it gets deleted.