Keyboard Maestro is one of my favorite pieces of software for my Mac. But how to describe it? The home page for the software doesn’t really describe it well, & I myself haven’t always done a good job explaining what it can do, beyond “OMIGOD it’s so cool & can do everything!”

Fortunately, Dr. Drang does the job well on his blog. Here’s his description of Keyboard Maestro1:

I suppose for completeness I should say what Keyboard Maestro is, but I find it hard to believe anyone reading this blog doesn’t already know about it. On the off-chance you don’t: it’s a system-wide macro program for the Mac that can activate commands in other programs and has its own built-in actions and control flow commands. You can set up macros to be triggered by hot keys, typed strings, time, outside scripts, and other actions.

That’s still pretty technical, but as he intimates, if you’re thinking about using KM, you’re already pretty technically-minded.

  1. Ironically, it’s in a post in which he explains why he won’t use KM; needless to say, I understand his reasoning but don’t agree with his conclusion.