Macworld has posted a review of Marked, the excellent & essential Markdown preview app:

But after using Marked for a few months, I’m a convert. It’s so much better than the built-in preview feature of most Markdown-focused writing apps that it’s worth running in addition to those apps. And because it’s not tied to any particular text editor, you can take advantage of Marked’s features regardless of which editor—or editors—you choose to use.

Dan Frakes covers every, and I mean every, feature that Marked has to offer. I’ve been using Marked for months, & I found out about a few features that I didn’t realize I had available to me!

Virtually every post on this blog is written in Markdown & then previewed in Marked, so I’m glad to see it getting recognition. It’s only $4, fer cryin’ out loud, so if you write in Markdown, get Marked. You’ll be seriously glad—no, overjoyed—you did.