This story on Reddit has been making the rounds today:

GoDaddy supports SOPA, I’m transferring 51 domains & suggesting a move your domain day.

I’m suggesting Dec 29th as move your domain away from GoDaddy day because of their support of SOPA. Who’s with me?

Source: “Go Daddy has a long history of supporting federal legislation directed toward combating illegal conduct on the Internet. For example, our company strongly supported the Ryan Haight Online Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act of 2008, the Protect Our Children Act of 2008, and the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act of 2011 (PROTECT IP). Go Daddy has always supported both government and private industry efforts to identify and disable all types of illegal activity on the Internet. It is for these reasons that I’m still struggling with why some Internet companies oppose PROTECT IP and SOPA. There is no question that we need these added tools to counteract illegal foreign sites that are falling outside the jurisdiction of U.S. law enforcement. And there is clearly more that we could all be doing to adequately address the problems that exist.”

About a month ago, I finally decided it was time to move all 20 or so domains I had at GoDaddy away from the company. Why?

  • Horrible UI. Absolutely horrendous.
  • Tired of the constantly ads trying to upsell me to something! Anything!
  • The advertising has always been skeevy.
  • The owner’s callous shooting of an elephant—and then bragging about it—repulsed me.
  • The final straw? Getting charged for items I never asked for on a domain renewal.

GoDaddy’s support of SOPA makes me very glad indeed that I finally transferred my domains.

To where? Namecheap. They’re inexpensive, they have complete DNS control (including redirects), & their support has been top-notch. I’ve been very pleased with my move, & I expect to be with Namecheap for a long time to come. Oh, and Namecheap is also against SOPA, just like all smart companies should be.